Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is a great day. Nothing in particular has happened, but I have a great feeling today.

 The last several days I've been feeling worried, anxious and selfish in many ways. So yesterday I sort of threw a little pity party for myself and was in the dumps. So the work day ended yesterday and I started the usual afternoon routine but decided I wanted to stop for a soda-pop and pulled over at the nearest pump for gas as well. Went to pay for my gas and the attendant let me know that the last person pre-paid $20 for the next person who came. Is that not the best feeling ever!! It is nice to know there are genuine people still out there and to be able to pay it forward is awesome!

We have made really great progress with all of our paperwork for the Home Study. My Doctor's appointments are complete, Joe's are scheduled and just a few more pieces of paper are needed for this part.

We are still working on our fundraising efforts and I hope to have a few great ones in place soon.

I can not describe how great we feel about this and our children are excited as well.

I will be back to update soon!


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Raising Funds... All part of the Fun! 

We are still in the works with our Home Study and gathering the past of some paper work. Things are moving slowly but we couldn't be more excited. We are working on raising funds to help bring him home and we have come up with a few ideas. If you can find a way to join us in any of these activities, Please do! :)

We have a link for Amazon so if you do any inline shopping, please consider using our link and a portion of your sales amount will come back to us. 

We are having a family outdoor day complete with a FUN RUN, lunch and outdoor games and activities. We are respectfully asking for a donation of $10 per adult and $5 child to join us. You can find out more details through our FaceBook event, "Happy Wether Day! 2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Other Ways

Good Morning All,

We had our first Home Study visit this week and I am super relieved to say that everything went really well AND I do not know if my house has ever been cleaner! :) I am talking Martha Stewart clean. lol A huge Thank You to my husband, Joe, for his help with that.

I was sitting back this morning thinking that I need to mention a little more then just the fact we are fundraising and hustling to pull together the funds needed to complete this. Afterall, Wetherby, is more then a child  "we are paying for", as it has been gently put to me. <cough>

Is Adoption expensive? Absolutely. Is it too expensive? Maybe. Is it better to adopt Domestic vs. International? That is not something I can answer. We feel compelled to be Wetherby's forever family, and he happens to be international. Maybe one day we will feel a tugging at our hearts for a child here in the States. I don't know. I'm not to that point yet.

Joe and I have been blessed with the ability to have biological children, and we love them, very much. We also feel blessed to be able to say that we are adopting. We are bringing another child into our family because we can, we want to and we believe ALL children deserve homes and families that will love them, support them in their adventures, teach them to be wonderful human beings. There is a fact that remains there are many people who want to be able to do this for children as well, but for other circumstances, they can't yet. That is okay. There are other ways to help orphans and to help families that are adopting. This is a small list I came up with just sitting here:

1. Have a shower for the adopting family. They could always use help in making small purchases for their child. Clothes (even gently used), items for the bedroom (sheets, blankets, curtains, books). This goes for older children as well.
2. Set up a food drive. A newly arrived home family likely won't have funds for fast food and will be too tired to cook, so having a home cooked meal two times a week would wondrous for the first 2-3 weeks being home.
3. Volunteer your time. Help with fund raising events. Help spread the word through social media, church and in your neighborhood. This will help the adopting family tremendously.
4. Don't know anyone personally who is adopting? Find out where the closest orphanage is or even a children's hospital and collect items for donations. Clothing in various sizes, shoes and toys are always,always, always welcome!
5. Volunteer at community events. They are always looking for people to Man or Woman booths.

The fact is, there are so many things that can be done to assist families, facilities and events and no one will ever turn down your help. I can guarantee that! You can research different ideas as well to see how a little help goes a long way :)

Visit to find out more information about the programs they offer and other ways you can help if you aren't ready to make the leap!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Good Morning Everyone,

This week we will have our first Home Study visit. Everyone keeps telling me to just stay relaxed and assures me this will be the easiest part of this whole process, but I am scared to DEATH. I keep thinking, "I need to clean this and move this over here". We are a far from perfect family, I know this, and we are a special kind of crazy and I just keep hoping our Social Worker will appreciate that! :)

I made a tiny purchase for Wetherby this weekend! We are a beach family. LOVE the beach and we have our own little area that we go to every time we hit New Smyrna (It is even where we said, "I DO"). So I bought him his first pair of flip flops! I wonder, has ever worn a pair?

I want to quickly say, "Thank you" to those who have supported our decision to adopt. I have gotten support from unexpected places and None from places where I did expect. The Lord works in mysterious ways for sure.