Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Christmas with the Chinchak's

Great Morning to everyone! As I am sure the world knows we are working so hard to bring home our sweet, "Wetherby" and with each day that passes we get a little closer! 

I have been working on a couple crafty ideas and we are so excited to hopefully start receiving a few orders on these. We are having a lot of fun with some of these and we pray they will bring your family happiness. 😍

We have our fun Santa Letters which are written to your littles from Santa, signed, sealed and stamped and sent all the way from the North Pole! They are personalized to fit your little one's personality and they will love getting their own mail. Perfect for stockings too! Just use our form to order! We can also work out a price to get a "family" letter as well. $10 for the first, $7 for the second, $4 for the third and $1 each after that. 


Next up, our beautiful ornaments personalized for your family! Tell me your child's country or state and I will hand cut from cork and pin their region or city with a heart, my favorite verse will grace the front, Samuel 1:27 and your family name and year on the back. Glitter and twine wrap up the outsides. These are only $15 each (again, discounts for multiples) and will last a lifetime. These would be beautiful gifts to friends who have adopted and you could pass them on to your children when they have their own trees too! 

Lastly, and my favorite!! Our book, "The Christmas House", that my son and I wrote this time last year. We are so proud of it. I wrote the words and he drew the pictures. I have always wanted to write a children's storybook and I finally did it with his help! He was always the inspiration and encouragement. In our story, Cody learns the holiday season is more then presents and candy; it is about your family and their presence too! For $12 we will sign and ship your copy to you ☺️

We will combine shipping on multiple items as well. You can always email me at hoperenea@rocketmail.comwith any questions! Thank you and Be Blessed! 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Christmas Country Ornaments

Alrighty Ladies and Gents it is time to start gearing up for Christmas time! It will be here before we realize and it will be time for me to travel to get my sweet boy, Wetherby. 

I am working on some cute and sweet Christmas ornaments that are personalized to your family. Inside is a hand cut outline of your child's birth country (made from cork), a heart in their region, Samuel 1:27 and on the back, your last name and 2015. I can also put glitter or jingle balls inside. 

$15 to our FSP or a paypal invoice and I will ship direct to you. 

These will be great for your families OR a sweet gift to send to some of the friends you have made inside this group. Here is a photo of one I have made for my new friends, The Wierenga Family.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

I am a Warrior!! (In my best Patti Smith voice)

Great Morning Everyone! It is Monday and I don't know about ya'll but I sorta dread Mondays...always, but I am trying to stay a little more positive.

I announced the other day that in addition to fundraising for my sweet, Wetherby, we have also received the privilege of being Zeke's Warrior for the Angel Tree (Reece's Rainbow) this year. I'm excited as all get out and crazy nervous too.

How awesome is the idea of the Angel Tree? Each year for about 2 months folks can choose a child on the tree and commit to raising money for their grants. $1,000 is ideal, but honestly, any amount is appreciated and will help that child as a family commits to them. This is such a relief to prospective parents.

Our hope is that money is never the standing barrier that makes a family feel adoption is not possible.... and I know ton's of families feel that way, because I FELT THAT WAY! It is so intimidating to know that money is a huge aspect of adoption and it pretty well makes and breaks a decision.

We have some great fundraisers happening (see Halloween Candy Hands) to assist us with the cost for Wetherby's adoption (about $10K more to go) and I am adding a new one to not only help with him, but a portion will be donated to Zeke as well.

We are putting together Letter's From Santa this year and I am very excited. This is something I started doing with my children about 2 years ago and they LOVE it. I have them printed up on pretty stationary and send them off and then they are stamped and sealed and sent from the North Pole. How awesome is that? They will make great stocking stuffers or super cute to have the kids trot down to the mailbox with you. Seriously, their little faces are the best!

I am offering discounts for families with multiple children (Pricing on the form). Order them for the neighborhoods kids, your nieces and nephews and so forth!!

To purchase use the link below or message me on Facebook! Thank you to everyone for your support so far, all is appreciated!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Mail Run!!

The sweet Lady behind the counter at the post office is tired of my face!! Lol.. She is very sweet and I finally told her why she is seeing me All the time now. I've mailed out Shirts and tons of other goods to help with our fundraising. She was so excited and pulled out her phone to show me her nephew and in turn I pulled out a picture of Wetherby! I love sharing his sweet little face. 

We have a ton of mail going out this week! 

Grant applications!!! 😁 the King will keep them safe in their travels!! 

We are continuing with our fundraisers as well. Keep an eye out for upcoming events!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Halloween Candy Hands

I know some of us don't like to think about it but the first Holiday that gets the ball rolling is quickly approaching. That's right... Halloween is around the corner! Do you like to put together treat bags for your children's class but don't have the time? I will do it for you for a flat donation to our Adoption donation link or PayPal invoice. This year I am making candy hands for my children and I will send some to you as well. All I need you to do is let me know the amount of hands you need. The donation amounts would be as follows:

1-18 $25
18-30 $40
30-50 $55

Each hand will have treats and gadgets and you can decide if you want them
Popcorn filled or with wrapped candy. These will be made using the NON Latex gloves. Let me know what day you need them by (school parties) and I will UPS. All money earned assists us with our adoption of a little boy with Down Syndrome 😊

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tough Day

It has been a tough day... Heck, it has been a tough couple days, couple weeks. The atmosphere of the work place has gotten a little tougher over these past several weeks and I have this great urge to waltz right out the door most days. Still, I remain there because I know it will just complicate things if I do not. Let me say though that while most Mom's count down the Friday's until Christmas, this Momma is counting down the Friday's til she boards a plane and can say, "See ya Never" to that office!

 I've been a little more emotional lately then I have been in a while. Stress, Fear, Worry... they are all things that are plaguing me at the moment. I am stressed about the money, of course. We have so far to go and the waiting on answers from grant decisions. How stressful! We have only applied for one so far and there are more we can hope for, of course, but even then the "What if's" are enough to drive someone insane!!

The fear of getting him within our reach and just not being able to stretch my fingers far enough to meet his... It is so vivid in my dreams. I see him. He is sitting there looking at me. Those big eyes. Those big cheeks. I am longing to kiss them and hold him in my arms and tell him his family has made it. We have made it to you and we are bringing you home, but suddenly, I can't take another step. I am so close and so far away in that instance, just standing there. That is terrifying!

I have great faith in EVERY aspect of this journey. I would not be here if the good Lord did not want me to be. I would not have found Reece's Rainbow and certainly, Wetherby would not have tugged on my heart the way he does. I pray for a Full Heart and Clear Eye's (Friday Night Lights shout out right there!) to lead me further down this path. I know WE can do this. WE will do this.