Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is a great day. Nothing in particular has happened, but I have a great feeling today.

 The last several days I've been feeling worried, anxious and selfish in many ways. So yesterday I sort of threw a little pity party for myself and was in the dumps. So the work day ended yesterday and I started the usual afternoon routine but decided I wanted to stop for a soda-pop and pulled over at the nearest pump for gas as well. Went to pay for my gas and the attendant let me know that the last person pre-paid $20 for the next person who came. Is that not the best feeling ever!! It is nice to know there are genuine people still out there and to be able to pay it forward is awesome!

We have made really great progress with all of our paperwork for the Home Study. My Doctor's appointments are complete, Joe's are scheduled and just a few more pieces of paper are needed for this part.

We are still working on our fundraising efforts and I hope to have a few great ones in place soon.

I can not describe how great we feel about this and our children are excited as well.

I will be back to update soon!


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