Sunday, August 30, 2015

Brax Fundraising

We are starting a two week campaign to sell these awesome travel cups that feature NFL, MLB, NHL and college teams. Please take a look. We will receive credit from all sales using our specific link. Thanks!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Up, up and away!

Coming off a roll tide of bad days with life in general, yesterday seemed pretty amazing. 

A couple weeks back we held a fundraiser night at a local Tex-Mex where they allowed us to help work and earn a percentage of the nights profit. I was there busting tables, sweeping floors and greeting guests for about three hours.  I heard back from the wonderful people from their main office yesterday and they are writing us a check for $246!! That is awesome without a doubt. 

The Hubster also surprised me at work with some sandwiches and a coke and sat with me for lunch. That is always a nice surprise. 

Say, what is this thing......

I'm not so sure yet. Let's take a closer look......

Well it looks like a bunch of Official looking documents to me. No way... could it be..... Our paper baby? YES!!! Paper baby is on his way to Wisconsin where a beautiful family is going to snuggle him up in their bags and fly him over this weekend. This isn't every document we need over but this is really happening. This is the start of translations and all things official!

I packaged it up, gave it an awkwardly huge kiss and whispered "I love you" and a prayer. I walked him into the UPS drop off and said these words to the man behind the counter, "this has a paper baby inside. Don't lose it and don't be late!" After an awkward moment I explained and he laughed so hard, and promised he would see it safely to the truck! 

Now I am off to stalk the tracking number! 


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Painting with a Purpose

What a fun night! The sweet people from the Hubster's workplace wanted to get together and do something to help with the adoption. Isn't that sweet!?

So I called up The Winey Wench and we set a night to fundraise by gathering some folks up and coming in to paint a picture. Best part, we painted GROOT  and had a blast doing it. 

We spent a few minutes introducing Reece's Rainbow and their mission. I spoke about Wetherby a little and described him from what I know and let them know I would have to travel to his country and get him. 

This was a huge blessing for us and it is amazing that sometimes the kindest and most helpful are those you may not know yet! A huge thank you to Joe's work crew and their families who selflessly came out in support!! 

Isn't he cute? 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Updated Give - A - Way Info

We have extended the Deadline for the Donation Give-A-Way to this Friday, August 21. We really hope to have a few more participants for a chance to win our adorable clutches. 

Each item inside was hand picked by Yours Truly, and many were created by other Adopt Mother's. This clutch and all it contains comes full circle in the adoption world... hand made by Mom's and helping Mom's with the proceeds. 

There are two families that benefit from it's raffle.. The Chinchak Family (me) and the Turner Family who is already in country and needs funds to make it home. Will anyone offer their support, prayers and the spread of word to assist them?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Donation Give-A-Way

Happy Sunday Morning Everyone!!
I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go this morning! I feel like things are progressing quickly with our Home Study which should be completed this upcoming week and I feel like everything is going to zip right along, which is wonderful. My family still has an incredibly long way to go before we are fully funded for our adoption of Wetherby, but I am not going to let anything stand in our way.
This process has opened my eyes to the amount of good people still in this World. The news and media always keeps focus on the negativity in the world, but I am determined to remember and teach my children that for every bad thing that happens in the world there is a good thing to offset it. It may be small, but it does exist, somewhere.
I have always been a believer in doing random acts of kindness, doing things without expecting anything in return and so forth. I've tried to assist fellow adopt families in ways that I could because I believe in all things good. I have been touched by several families in the Reece's Rainbow community over the last year. I have promised myself that I will always be an advocate for those who can not speak up for themselves and I will always help other families.
The Turner Family has touched me as of recent and I want to do something to help both our families get a little closer to the thing we are fighting for, our boys. The Turner Family is adopting Jonathon, a sweet young man from Eastern Europe who was at risk of aging out of the orphanage. They met Jonathon while on a mission last year, it is a beautiful story and you can hop over to their blog for all the sweet details..
So I started putting together these clutch purses to use towards a fundraiser and then I thought, "Let's do it a little different!"
I have two of these clutches, one Rose Pink and one Turquoise and both are filled with some sweet little goodies that are perfect for Mom, Grandma, even a teacher's gift. Want to know one of the BEST things about them? Many of the items I purchased to fill these came from little shops owned by other Adopt Momma's! So it has come full circle; how much better can it get? Inside are things like tissues, organic lip balm, handmade magnets, coffee and tea, bible/ planner clips, and more. In all each clutch is valued around $30-$35 and will arrive to you already beautifully packaged.
It is a super easy entry and does not take much time at all and an automatic entry is easy peasy! All you have to do for one FREE entry is share this blogpost with everyone. You could share it on Facebook and be sure to tag me so that I will know! Your post has to be public to maximize potential views!
You can also make a set donation to gain more entries... the more entries, the better your odds of winning! :)
$10 = 5 entries
$15 = 10 entries
$20 = 15 entries
and so on....
Pick which color you hope to receive:
Turquoise is the Turner Family,
Rose Pink is the CHINCHAK Family,
and donate the appropriate amount to their FSP and email the receipt to me so I can tally and add your entries. Yes, you CAN donate to both! :)
 ** If you don't email it or PM me the receipt, I do not have a way to track your entries--**
The giveaway will start today, 8/9/15 and run until 8/13/15 9pm PST so get your donations in!! I will add the entries and video the drawing of the winner and post to Facebook and announce here as well.
Good Luck to All and Bless those that are able to participate! If you can't participate this time, please pray for our families and all of the families adopting. :)

Friday, August 7, 2015

My beautiful family

I love my family. Have I ever mentioned that? Well I do. A lot.

My son is the sweetest person who has ever walked in this great world. He is compassionate, smart and quiet as a church mouse, oh but when he laughs, it is big. 

My beautiful little lady is mean, talks from sun up to sun down and I love her like no other. 

My husband.... What a man. He loves me, truly and completely. I don't know where I would be without him in my life. 

Lastly, our huge bear dog...Cooper. What a sweetie pie. ❤️

We are so excited to bring home Wetherby. What a joyful addition to our crazy bunch!!! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


When I was younger adoption was something that always intrigued me. I never knew much about it, but I always said that instead of having biological children, I would adopt children from Vietnam. I don't know why Vietnam specifically; I had a weird (still do) fascination with the Vietnam War and I am thinking that is why. 

Either way, I always knew that was what I wanted. I did not specifically like children, but I knew they were in my future in some fashion, and that was what I would do.

Things change, plans change and maybe life gets in the way of those plans. I got married very young and had two children biologically and I did not give adoption much thought over the years. I never thought it could be in our cards we were dealt. My children's biological Father put a lot of strain on us in various ways (different post, different day) and it just never came up. 

I'm a big believer that the Lord steers us down a path that doesn't always make sense. It can be messy, confusing and darn near impossible to see at times, but it will all work out the way it is meant to. 

Fast Forward down the road a little bit and here we are... Myself, wonderful husband, Joe and two beautiful children, and our huge bear dog, Cooper. We are adopting a beautiful and intelligent little boy from Eastern Europe.

I guess what I am trying to say is... you won't always see the light, but it is there. Always keep your Faith.