Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Immigration Approval

Holy Mackerel!! When I first submitted our USCIS application I was so worried about the time frame. I did not submit right away like I was supposed... Just slipped my mind. I submitted our application in September 19th and didn't expect to hear anything until December and I anticipated them asking for several additional items. Call me paranoid, :)

Well folks, it's November 9th and we received our approval today. APPROVAL!!   In less then 2 months we received approval from Immigration to bring this little boy into our wonderful country. 

We are still plugging away with our fundraising. We need between 6-7,000 more at minimum. If you have any good ideas please let me know. We are still taking orders for Santa Letters as well! 

Did I mention already that we have USCIS approval? 

I managed to get a really awesome picture of my kiddos while at Hobby Lobby recently. 

We love you from every mile between us, sweet, sweet Wetherby! 

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