Friday, January 29, 2016

Back in the USA

Hello Everyone!! 

I am so excited to be home from trip number one to visit sweet Wetherby and attend court. 

I was gone for just about 17 days and what a whirlwind of a trip! My appointment for DAP was on January 13th at 10 am. This when I met a few of my team members with Hand of Help which is my facilitation team in country. What an amazing team!! DAP went well and my official referral was available late that afternoon and that night I took the overnight train to Krivoy Rog. 

The following morning I met Wetherby and what a rush of emotions. I was excited and relieved and maybe a little said when I first saw him. Sad by terms he was living there under and relieved he was really there at the same time. It is a very surreal moment to experience.

Over the next 2 weeks I would visit with him for about 2 hours a day and we would just play and laugh and giggle. He seems to be a happy little boy and I think he will thrive and progress so much once he is home! 

Court was on the 26th and after about an hour of questioning, the judge congratulated us on our newest addition. We do have a mandatory wait period of 10 days which is standard in his country. I fly back on the 7th to finish his passport paperwork and embassy papers and then we are homeward bound!! 

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