Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

Who kicked of 2016 with a bang?!?! This chick sure did. I am so thrilled to say I officially have my dates for travel to meet my handsome son, Wetherby. I fly out on January 11th and have our DAP appointment on January 13th.

Our file was officially submitted on December 10th so it took exactly 3 weeks to receive our notification. The call came at 3:36 pm on New Year's Eve. I had honestly given up on the idea of being called before Monday. I actually messaged Nancy (my go to Queen) a little earlier in the day and pretty well confirmed there would be no call. The New Year's celebration's are very big in his country and I was sure EVERYONE was happily drinking their Vodka and dancing the night away. 

My family was actually in the midst of getting dressed to drive to Orlando to visit a special family in town. The Karrick Family was in town and they have been a big part in our families adoption. Their daughter, Maria has been our family warrior and has assisted in sharing our story and bumping posts about fundraisers and so forth. 

I had my phone in my hand, scrolling through Facebook as I let my hair dry when my screen changed from FB to a picture of W and the special duck ringtone I assigned to Nancy. For the first few seconds I was confused. Nancy wouldn't be calling me yet. I ran to the bathroom to answer the phone. IDK why, just figured I'd hear better I guess.  My little Olivia followed me. I can't really remember how I greeted her; In my head I was thinking, "holy crap". She said Hello and asked me what I was up to, and I explained we were meeting the Karrick family. Then she said those magic words... "I have your dates". I heard those words and just instantly the tears began to roll. Tears of happiness, my heart felt so big and Olivia asked me why I was crying. It was a brief call, 3 or 4 minutes but man, oh man, it was the single best phone call I've ever received. 

She sent me several e-mails with details and instructions. I got my flight over secured within an hour and now I'm just waiting to get meet our son. This is the best feeling ever! I am excited to share additional details as they come along. 

Peace and Blessings for the New Year!!!! 

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