Friday, August 28, 2015

Up, up and away!

Coming off a roll tide of bad days with life in general, yesterday seemed pretty amazing. 

A couple weeks back we held a fundraiser night at a local Tex-Mex where they allowed us to help work and earn a percentage of the nights profit. I was there busting tables, sweeping floors and greeting guests for about three hours.  I heard back from the wonderful people from their main office yesterday and they are writing us a check for $246!! That is awesome without a doubt. 

The Hubster also surprised me at work with some sandwiches and a coke and sat with me for lunch. That is always a nice surprise. 

Say, what is this thing......

I'm not so sure yet. Let's take a closer look......

Well it looks like a bunch of Official looking documents to me. No way... could it be..... Our paper baby? YES!!! Paper baby is on his way to Wisconsin where a beautiful family is going to snuggle him up in their bags and fly him over this weekend. This isn't every document we need over but this is really happening. This is the start of translations and all things official!

I packaged it up, gave it an awkwardly huge kiss and whispered "I love you" and a prayer. I walked him into the UPS drop off and said these words to the man behind the counter, "this has a paper baby inside. Don't lose it and don't be late!" After an awkward moment I explained and he laughed so hard, and promised he would see it safely to the truck! 

Now I am off to stalk the tracking number! 


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