Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas

I know I am late, but Merry Christmas to all from The Chinchak Family. 

I must admit that all I wanted for Christmas was my travel date but that has not happened yet. I'm trying to remain patient and know that they are coming at any moment. A moment when I least expect it and I will be super excited. 

It was a wonderful day spent with my family. It is 8 am the day after and I get the joy of listening to by Hub snore. He has today off as well which is rare!! :) I guess I can deal with it for a little while! 

This will be Wetherby's last Christmas he spends in an orphanage and that is the best gift I could ever be given. I can't wait to love him and squeeze him and tell him he has a family!! 

To each and all, prayers for you for continued well being and happiness during the season. 

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