Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Today, my heart hurts....

Everything is going well with our process and soon we should be submitted to the courts. From there we will wait for an appointment for our referral for Wetherby. 

A little earlier we had considered adding a second little boy, Charlie, who happens to be in the same orphanage as W. Such a handsome and sweet little man of 11 years old. We waited and waited on our social worker to send us our amendment approving us for 2 children. It never came; still hasn't. We decided we couldn't wait and pressed forward. I learned today that Charlie has been transferred to a boys home that is hours away from where he was. They also transferred a little girl, Rebecca. The worst part is that the two of them aren't together anymore either. They have been pulled from their friends and are now in a village where adoptions are less likely to happen. 

It breaks my heart to know this. I should have pushed harder to get the right paperwork and I didn't. I feel terrible and sick over it. I know I could not have 100% prevented it, but maybe there is something I could have done. I pray the Lord will find them their Momma and soon. They shouldn't have to wait so long. They deserve better. 


  1. Dear Chinchak Family,
    Congratulations on your upcoming adoption of Wetherby! I hope he is able to come home really soon. I was wondering if you could provide me with any more information on sweet little Rebecca. Do you know where was she transferred to? If you can provide me with any information, please email me at sarahadelineh@gmail.com. I can not adopt her, as I am only 18, but I hope to help advocate for her, so that hopefully her family will find her.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to me. It makes me so happy that you would want to advocate for sweet Rebecca. The best advice I could give you would be to reach out to Reece's Rainbow directly. You can visit their website or request to join our Facebook group. We are quite picky about who is approved into the group for the safety of the children, but reach out to Michelle @ RR and she can point you in the right direction!