Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Project

So earlier this year my sister and I began to lay the ground work on a new project we want to build. Things were put on the back burner for a while due to being so busy with Wetherby's adoption. It is no joke that paperwork and fundraising is a job and a half in itself!! 

We have started a NP called, Peace, Love & Birthday Cake! I can't tell you how excited I am about this. We live in a community outside of Orlando and right here in our own back yard there is a Missions Home where displaced families sleep, eat and take the positive steps forward to get back into their own homes. I've done a few hours of volunteer work with them and I can't explain how important this organization is for our community. 

Last year, just before Thanksgiving the mission took in 21 new families. TWENTY ONE families... Fathers, Mothers and their children. How heartbreaking is that?  

The goal of PLBC is to come in and help make their children feel they can still be kids that have fun and celebrate the milestones in their lives, regardless of their living situation. I want to go in and throw little birthday parties for the children, ice cream socials all while raising awareness in the community and help raise funds for the mission to keep them going. I have dreams of expanding and taking on more projects but for now, this is our goal. I believe in it and I see the good in these children and their families. I want a community that supports everyone. I want a community my children can believe in. 

We are still working on details and ways to raise money and so forth. We will apply for 501c3 this upcoming year. I don't know how to build websites or anything like that so we are starting small. We do have a Facebook page we just started so please find us, like us, and share us!! 


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  1. 21 families....for a family adopting a child with trisomy 21! You have confirmed your right choice in paths through serendipity here.