Sunday, October 18, 2015

Farmer's Market

This weekend the Hubster and I tried our hand at the farmer's market downtown. This was our first attempt and I had no idea what to expect. So Friday night I asked my Momma to take my two kiddos so I could prep and they wound up spending the night with her (say whaaaat? WHOOP WHOOP). Around 8 that night I began baking. Now I'll be honest... I can not cook worth a diddle, a few things, sure but for the most part Im terrible, BUT I can bake the crap outta some cookies and muffins! 

While I was slaving away in the kitchen my husband was in the garage with some last touches on his beautiful flags... Just wait to see them! We finally laid down to rest around 1 AM. Saturday we were up bright and early and headed downtown! 

We got all set up and say and waited for our first customer!!! .... And waited and waited. 

Things picked up around 11 and we sold some Banana Nut and Pumpkin muffins and a few other things. No sales on his flags which did honestly surprise me. He worked so hard on this and I know he would have been so proud if they would have sold. All in due time! 

I was so proud of him and the way he kept saying, "our son". He went on and on to people about Wetherby and how he was ours. I'm not sure I've heard him actually say it out loud to people and it just made me melt. So even though we didn't sell a lot we got to spend some much needed time together! Here are a few photos of other items. Feel free to message me with any interest! 

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