Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Santa Letter

One of the ways we are raising funds is by working on our Santa Letter's. 

This is a great way to celebrate the Christmas spirit with your children this year. Each letter is personalized to your child or family by completing our form with a few pieces of information. 

Each letter will be signed, sealed and sent to the North Pole for mailing. Yes!! It will be stamped from the North Pole. This is a great stocking stuffer, and would be a great first thing to do in the morning after waking up. In past year's I have had my son open his letter a few days earlier by giving it to him like his own piece of mail at the mailbox. 

Each letter is a donation of $10 and each letter after that is reduced in price by $3. So the 1st is $10, 2nd is $7. 3rd is $4 and each after that is $1. Or you could do a family letter for a donation of $15 and it will be addressed to the family (The Smith Family for example). 

This is a great tradition and it is great to keep these as a momento for years to come. 

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