Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Today's fingerprint appointment went very well. We showed up for our appointment and checked in. Then waited for a while for our number to be called. There were so many people there being printed for various reasons. Some were there to adopt like us and some are applying for citizenship status. Living the dream! We also watched a few moments of a documentary about being a citizen, but I did not catch the name of it. In the film they were traveling the states to interview folks working towards citizenship. There was even an interview with Gene Simmons, who is originally from Israel. 

I can't even describe how excited we are.  This is pretty much the last thing we are waiting on. One other document for USCIS and we will be approved, then off to Ukraine for translation and submission. My heart and brain could burst from pure joy and the usual stresses of fundraising. We still have $7500-$8000 to raise and our time frame is fast approaching. It will happen! The Lord will move mountains to see this through; I know he will. Since we could not take pictures inside the USCIS building here we are in the parking lot! 😁💜

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