Monday, September 28, 2015

Christmas Country Ornaments

Alrighty Ladies and Gents it is time to start gearing up for Christmas time! It will be here before we realize and it will be time for me to travel to get my sweet boy, Wetherby. 

I am working on some cute and sweet Christmas ornaments that are personalized to your family. Inside is a hand cut outline of your child's birth country (made from cork), a heart in their region, Samuel 1:27 and on the back, your last name and 2015. I can also put glitter or jingle balls inside. 

$15 to our FSP or a paypal invoice and I will ship direct to you. 

These will be great for your families OR a sweet gift to send to some of the friends you have made inside this group. Here is a photo of one I have made for my new friends, The Wierenga Family.  

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