Monday, September 21, 2015

I am a Warrior!! (In my best Patti Smith voice)

Great Morning Everyone! It is Monday and I don't know about ya'll but I sorta dread Mondays...always, but I am trying to stay a little more positive.

I announced the other day that in addition to fundraising for my sweet, Wetherby, we have also received the privilege of being Zeke's Warrior for the Angel Tree (Reece's Rainbow) this year. I'm excited as all get out and crazy nervous too.

How awesome is the idea of the Angel Tree? Each year for about 2 months folks can choose a child on the tree and commit to raising money for their grants. $1,000 is ideal, but honestly, any amount is appreciated and will help that child as a family commits to them. This is such a relief to prospective parents.

Our hope is that money is never the standing barrier that makes a family feel adoption is not possible.... and I know ton's of families feel that way, because I FELT THAT WAY! It is so intimidating to know that money is a huge aspect of adoption and it pretty well makes and breaks a decision.

We have some great fundraisers happening (see Halloween Candy Hands) to assist us with the cost for Wetherby's adoption (about $10K more to go) and I am adding a new one to not only help with him, but a portion will be donated to Zeke as well.

We are putting together Letter's From Santa this year and I am very excited. This is something I started doing with my children about 2 years ago and they LOVE it. I have them printed up on pretty stationary and send them off and then they are stamped and sealed and sent from the North Pole. How awesome is that? They will make great stocking stuffers or super cute to have the kids trot down to the mailbox with you. Seriously, their little faces are the best!

I am offering discounts for families with multiple children (Pricing on the form). Order them for the neighborhoods kids, your nieces and nephews and so forth!!

To purchase use the link below or message me on Facebook! Thank you to everyone for your support so far, all is appreciated!

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