Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Halloween Candy Hands

I know some of us don't like to think about it but the first Holiday that gets the ball rolling is quickly approaching. That's right... Halloween is around the corner! Do you like to put together treat bags for your children's class but don't have the time? I will do it for you for a flat donation to our Adoption donation link or PayPal invoice. This year I am making candy hands for my children and I will send some to you as well. All I need you to do is let me know the amount of hands you need. The donation amounts would be as follows:

1-18 $25
18-30 $40
30-50 $55

Each hand will have treats and gadgets and you can decide if you want them
Popcorn filled or with wrapped candy. These will be made using the NON Latex gloves. Let me know what day you need them by (school parties) and I will UPS. All money earned assists us with our adoption of a little boy with Down Syndrome 😊

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